END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Allgemeine Geschaeftsbedingungen EULA

General Terms and End User License Agreement

The subject of these provisions is the granting of the right to use the software.
All deliveries and performances of Oliver Hessing IT Service are undertaken according to the following conditions, which are acknowledged by the customer and which have validity for all future relations with the customer in relation to the rights of use to the programs, unless otherwise agreed in writing in an individual agreement.

The provisions also apply for updates, upgrades, additions and support services.

Any terms and conditions of a customer which deviate or conflict with these terms and Eula are only inherently part of the contract, if Oliver Hessing IT Service has consented to their validity explicitly in writing. This consent requirement applies in all cases, particularly when Oliver Hessing IT Service, in full knowledge of the terms and conditions of the customer, unconditionally undertakes a delivery or service for said customer.


The license fee for the use of the software and the period of validity is stated in the invoice.
Oliver Hessing IT Service granted the customer the limited term, non exclusive and non transferable rights
to the use of the contract software according to the provisions of these software license General Terms and End User License Agreement.

Should the customer be in default with the payment of the license fees,
Oliver Hessing IT Service is entitled to cancel the licenses and stop the usage of the software.

One license is for one access to the contract software from one computer workstation inside one company or institution.
These Workstation Client Access Licenses are issued and delivered in a licensed version for one company or institution and are not divisible or transferable.

In the license fee is no free support included.

The customer is permitted to create copies of the program file for his own usage.

The customer is not permitted to use or transfer the software to perform services for third parties,
or use copies of the software for purposes other than as designated in these provisions and even then,
not if the software has been linked to other software or is included in other software or in accompanying materials.

The customer is not permitted reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembly or reduction of thesoftware


In accordance with the present state of the art it is not possible to develop complex software products in equally complex and varying hardware environments such that they are completely free from technical error. The agreed quality of the product is not absolutely free from errors, rather the software exhibits no program errors which affect its contractually agreed utility more than slightly.

Programs from Oliver Hessing IT-Service are tools can be used for a lot of different purposes and are often used with third parity programs. Because of this property and wide range of functions there are no securty levels or warranties for data theft and data loss.
Please note known security risks on https://robotronic.net/secureen.html

The liability of Oliver Hessing IT-Service is subject in cases of intent or gross negligence to statutory regulations.
The strict liability for contract software errors already present at the point of contract conclusion is explicitly excluded.
The liability of Oliver Hessing IT-Service for secondary damage, lost profit or third party claims
is limited to the service and license fee amount that was paid.

Should individual provisions of this contractual relationship or the present terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the effectiveness of remaining provisions.

Place of fulfilment of the contractual relationship between the customer and Oliver Hessing IT-Service is the registered office of Oliver Hessing IT-Service. All disputes arising from this contractual relationship shall be decided in the exclusive legal venue of the place of fulfilment. All rights and obligations of the counterparty are regulated in this contract. Changes and additions are only effective in written form and signed by both parties, including the waiving of the written form requirement. The contract and its execution are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

By using the software from Oliver Hessing IT-Service you accept these terms.

If you have any advanced questions please contact runas@robotronic.net

Date: 2024-04-12

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