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Privileged Access Management PAM security

PAM control accounts which have privileged rights on the running system, sensitive data, application, device, network...

Privileged Access Management reduce the vulnerability of privileged accounts.

With PAM solutions you can declare roles and add user to this roles as windows groups administrators, Users, dnsAdmins, Guests,... but with more specific requirements and additional security features.

  1. Privileged Access Management can limit sessions to specific time, devices or other attributes.
  2. A privileged account is separated from any user account.
  3. Password of the role account to the privileged function is very strong and regularly changed.
  4. The sensitive credentials are often only known inside the system, the user themselves do not know it.
  5. This privileged account is monitored.


  1. Client processes of privileged application called py a privileged user inherit the permissions.
  2. If the user account with access to a role account was hacked, then hacker has access to the privileged function via this hacked user.
  3. Do not overestimate PAM solutions, your system has one more tool to protect you system in more details, but installation does not automatically mean to be safe.
    You have to implement, configure, maintenance and monitor this PAM system.
  4. Beware! The greater a software solution is, the more security risk is in its source code and the more mistake you can do in the configuration.

Privileged Access Management solutions and its implementation needs maintenance and training.
There are a lot of PAM providers and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are determined on a specific Privileged Access Management provider in your system, a change is not so easy and you run into a dependency.
Before your decision on one PAM Software Solution, write down your requirements and financial possibilities.
Then investigate the different solutions and compare it in a list of criteria.
When you find some favourites, write down your open questions, visit presentations of the PAM providers, attend a course and ask your questions.

Different provider to manage Privileged Access Management

Gartner present a complete list with user reviews and analyses of different PAM solutions Gartner >>>

Date: 2024-06-02
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