Run application as different user via encrypted file with RunAsSpc.

How to create an encrypted file with graphical user interface RunAsSpcAdmin, which can call with RunAsSpc.exe.

In example video i will show you how to configure RunAsSpc to launch an executable file, which need administrator privileges, from a limited user account.

I am logged in as a standard user without administrator rights, who cannot run the administrator tool

To give him the possibility of running it with administrator credentials, i create an encrypted file with RunAsSpcAdmin for SystemPropertiesHardware.exe

Via this encrypted file, the limited user now can run SystemPropertiesHardware.exe with administrator privileges
by drag and drop the encrypted file over runasspc.exe
or by a command via batch file, script, shortcut, ...
>> runasspc.exe /cryptfile:"path\yourcryptfile.spc" <<

Such a configuration can modified to launch all other files you want to run as administrator or any other user account.

Date: 2024-06-02
Data protection