RunAsRob overview

Run application as administrator, run under system account, run as service or run as different user

RunAsRob is not only a Runas with password command. It offers four fundamentally different methods of login options to run a program with other user rights.

  1. RunAsRob can start the application with system account. This account has even more local privileges than an administrator.
  2. A limited user can temporarily moved into the local administrator group, only for the authorized application.
  3. A further variation is run as service, to launch the program after Windows is booted and before a user logs in.
  4. The fourth option is running software as different user, like the command runas, but with the possibility to pass the password encrypted.

Each part of RunAsRob can execute a selected program with other rights and has its advantages, according to usage.

  1. For an installation, task, system command or a script which need highest privileges,
    use the part >> run as admin << with the login option >> as system << (1).
    An account without a user profile, but with the most rights on a local machine. Even more rights than an administrator, with access to each system or profile folder and so much privileges, that you can bypass the UAC Dialog.
  2. For software you need the environment of the user like network drives, printers, application settings,...
    should be use the part >> run as admin << with login option >> as administrator << (2).
  3. Monitoring, copy jobs, file updates and other jobs you want to execute immediately after windows boot with highest privileges,
    whether a user logs in or not, can use the part run as >> service << (3).
  4. If you want to run a program with the rights of another user account or
    if you need to transfer certain rights of one application to another computer, on which RunAsRob isn't installed,
    take the option >> run as another user << (4).
    Run as another user is portable and need no installation, because it comes with an encrypted file you store the credentials for the selected application.

Another big benefit of RunAsRob is the possibility to authorize a complete folder from where you can start a program with administrator privileges.

Spectrum of possibilities

RunAsRob contains three parts with four options:

Run as admin and run as system (1 + 2) >>>
Run as service (3) >>>
Run as different user (4) >>>

RunAsRob details, differences, FAQs:

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RunasRob is only free for private use.
For companies and other organisations we deliver a licensed version, registered to the organisation name.
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Date: 2022-01-14
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